#lovesteel: Steel in the home

On 8 July 2015, worldsteel launched the start of phase two of its #lovesteel campaign titled ‘Steel in ...’. The campaign will develop into a series of interesting facts and intriguing images of steel use across different industries and describes how steel enriches modern living and enables us to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

The starting theme is ‘Steel in the Home’. The first infographic ‘Home, Steel, Home’ shows the widespread use of steel in our home environment and illustrates the value and benefits it brings in four key areas; sustainability, cost, safety, and design. Through a detailed cross-section the infographic highlights where steel is used in each part of the house and how it helps to make your home more sustainable.

Two upcoming infographics will present key statistics of steel use in the construction sector and the amazing architectural styles made possible by steel in residential housing. The first of these infographics was launched on 20 July and is published below.

Ten cool steel home designs

Steel, building our homes and our futures

Home, Steel, Home