The member recognition programme

The worldsteel Climate Action recognition programme is a scheme which recognises that a steel producer has fulfilled its commitment to take part in the worldsteel CO2 data collection programme.

The data collection programme is at the core of the steel industry's global steel sectoral approach to climate change. Based on a common methodology, definitions and agreed boundaries, the data collection programme enables individual steel plants to compare themselves against both average and best performance and identify its scope for improvement.

Participation is open to all steel-producing sites or companies, worldsteel members and non-members alike.


Recognition can be obtained at a corporate level or at a site level as long as data has been received for more than 90% of total crude steel production.

The data must be complete, verifiable and approved for each year of collection. The collection process is overseen by worldsteel staff and verified by a panel of experts who review all submissions against standardised parameters and guidelines.

The data is held in the strictest confidence and will be known only to the company or site itself and worldsteel project staff. A participating company or site will receive a report showing the process route average emission data and range to which it can compare itself.

Click here to learn more about the data collection process.

The recognition scheme is governed by the worldsteel Board of Directors.

Climate Action certificate and branding

Any company or site that takes part in the data collection programme can apply for a certificate from worldsteel by writing to worldsteel Director for Safety, Technology and Environment, Henk Reimink (

A certificate of recognition will be issued following the approval of data.

The certificate allows the recipient to use the special Climate Action Member logo on any of their materials, for example, letterhead, other stationery items, publications, and marketing and advertising materials. If a company displays the logo or copy of their certificate on their website, they should link it to

The recognition period is for two years (2016-2017), for the data collection period of 2015. If the company or site no longer submits approved data to the programme, they must cease using the logo in any shape or form.

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