Steel Safety Day

Steel Safety Day was held on 28 April 2016 This year the focus was on 'Falling from height'.

Established in 2014, Steel Safety Day was set up to reinforce awareness of the five most common causes of safety incidents and to create a safer working environment across the entire steel industry worldwide. By focusing on the five causes - moving machinery, falling from height, falling objects, gas & asphyxiation, and moving cranes - worldsteel intends to set up a continuous improvement process and reiterate its commitment to the safety and health of the people who work in the industry.

Ahead of the Steel Safety Day, worldsteel requests all its members and the wider steel industry to carry out an extensive safety audit on the five main causes of incidents between now and the Steel Safety Day on 28 April 2016. 

Each year one of the five causes is highlighted and more focus will be given to raise awareness of the cause and how to prevent associated risks.


Five most common causes of safety incidents:

The five most common causes of safety incidents and preventative measures have been identified as follows:

Moving machinery – Isolate, lock or pin all energy sources before any machinery is accessed.
Falling from height – Provide regular training, appropriate harnessing equipment and ensure checks are in place when working at height.
Falling objects – Ensure regular checks are in place to remove or secure objects in risk areas.
Asphyxiation or gassing – Install sensors to test atmospheric conditions and provide training on evacuation plans in order to reduce risks of dangerous gases.
Cranes – Carry out daily checks before a crane is used to ensure safe and reliable operation.

The aim of this audit is to raise awareness of the main causes of serious incidents and to make the workplace even safer, with the ultimate target for the industry: the 'zero' goal: an injury-free, illness-free and healthy workplace. 

For further information, please contact:                 

Henk Reimink 
Industry Excellence
T: +32 2 702 89 39
M: +32 471 803 413

Anu Hirvonen                               Fellow

Safety and Health Programme
T:  +32 2 708 81 88
M: +32 491 979 880





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