Innovation of the year Steelie Award 2017

Innovation of the year Steelie Award 2017 - Ohjoon KWON, CEO, POSCO, collects the award from Kosei SHINDO, Representative Director & President, NSSMC

The Steelie Awards recognise member companies or individuals for their contribution to the steel industry over a one-year period in a series of categories impacting the steel industry. The Steelies are awarded each year at worldsteel’s General Assembly in October.

The 9th Steelie Awards Ceremony will take place in Tokyo, Japan in October 2018.

The selection process for nominations varies between awards. In most cases nominations are requested via the appropriate membership committee and the worldsteel extranet. Entries are then judged by selected expert panels using agreed performance criteria. Journalist of the year and communicator of the year are selected by direct vote.

Categories and voting process:

Category 1: Steel industry website of the year

This award recognises the membership website that demonstrates communications excellence based on 5 key criteria: overall design, loading and page delivery, information range and relevance, navigation ease, and use of new technologies. The selection is made through review of all membership sites by a worldsteel expert panel. External communications experts provide an ultimate judgement on the selection. 

Category 2: Innovation of the year

This award recognises the most innovative nomination for technical improvement or environment mitigation. Nominations are sought through the worldsteel technology committee and judged by the technology committee steering committee.

Category 3: Excellence in sustainability

The excellence in sustainability award recognizes a member company or a national or regional association for a specific sustainability initiative that has made a positive impact, or provided benefits in all three areas of sustainability – including economic, environmental and social performance. Additional criteria include the level of community/stakeholder communication & outreach related to the initiative. Nominations are called for through the Sustainability Reporting Expert Group and judged by a panel of internal and external judges.

Category 4: Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment

This award recognises member companies that have played a key role in establishing and guiding the work of worldsteel in LCA, demonstrated their commitment to the ethical and pro-active use of LCA, or shaped the debate in the public and policy-making arenas. Member nominations in the form of a detailed questionnaire are called for by worldsteel. The nominations are judged by a number of international LCA experts, external to worldsteel, to ensure fair competition and raise the awareness of this award outside of the global steel industry.

Category 5: Excellence in education and training

This award recognises member companies for their contributions to worldsteel's education and training programme and leadership in enhancing the skills of the steel workforce for today and tomorrow. Member nominations are called for by the worldsteel education and training committee and followed by an evaluation based on a points system.

Category 6: Journalist of the year

This award recognises the journalist from any media outlet who has written regularly in the most informative and educative way on any aspect of the steel industry. Nominees are culled from the worldsteel media cuttings management system and voted on by members of the worldsteel communications committee.

Category 7: Industry communicator of the year

This award recognises the individual who the media has chosen as having done the most in this year publicly to present the best face of the steel industry to the world at large. Nominations culled from the worldsteel media cuttings management system. The search specifically seeks industry spokespeople who have addressed global strategic issues and does not include company financial reporting.