Steelie Awards 2019: Monterrey, Mexico

steelie awards 2019

Tata Steel Limited receives the award for the #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow campaign - from left to right: T. V. Narendran, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Steel Limited, André Johannpeter, Executive Vice Chairman, Gerdau, Chanakya Chaudhary, Vice President Corporate Services, Tata Steel Limited, Peeyush Gupta, Vice President Steel Marketing & Sales, Tata Steel Limited, Henrik Adam, CEO, Tata Steel Europe.

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has announced the shortlist for the 10th Steelie Awards.

The winners were revealed at the Annual Dinner of the 2019 General Assembly in Monterrey, Mexico on Monday, 14 October.

The Steelies were awarded in seven categories:

Excellence in digital communications

  • Metinvest Holding LLC
  • Tata Steel Limited
  • Tenaris
  • Ternium

Winner: Tata Steel Limited


Innovation of the year

  • Ansteel Group Corporation Limited
    • Reducing emissions through new double layer pre-sintering process
  • China Steel Corporation (CSC)
    • Improving steel quality with residual stress technologies
  • HBIS Group Co., Ltd.
    • Continuous casting thick plate slab heavy reduction (TPSHR)
    • Development of inkjet-printed steel (PosART*) and its manufacturing technology
    • World’s first autonomous blast furnace operation by industrial AI

Winner: POSCO, Development of inkjet-printed steel (PosART*) and its manufacturing technology


Excellence in sustainability

  • ArcelorMittal
    • Climate Action Report 2019
  • BlueScope Steel Limited
    • Australian Steel Products Power Purchase Agreement
  • JSW Steel Limited
    • Conveyor system for iron ore transportation
  • Tata Steel Limited
    • Recycling and reusing Jamshedpur township water for industrial application

Winner: ArcelorMittal, Climate Action Report


Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment

  • Baotou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.
    • Supporting production improvement and product marketing
  • HYUNDAI Steel Company
    • Creating a by-product resources recycling network
  • Tata Steel Europe
    • Developing an LCA tool to assess the sustainability of new product developments
  • Tata Steel Europe
    • Developing demountable composite floor deck (CFD) in the construction sector
  • Tata Steel Limited
    • Promoting hollow tubular steel sections in the construction market

Winner: Tata Steel Europe, Developing an LCA tool to assess the sustainability of new product developments


Excellence in education and training

  • Gerdau S.A.
    • G.Makers
  • Tata Steel Europe
    • Leading Safety Excellence (LSE)
  • Tata Steel Limited
    • Contractor competency building
  • Tenaris                                                             
    • The Essential Knowledge Strategy
  • Ternium                                                                                 
    • Roberto Rocca Technical School in Pesquería (Nuevo León, Mexico)
  • TMK (PAO)
    • Corporate professional skills championship: Games of Masters
Winner: Ternium, Roberto Rocca Technical School in Pesquería (Nuevo León, Mexico)


Journalist of the year

  • Hongmei LI                   Mysteel Global
  • Paul LIM                       Fastmarkets
  • Elena MAZNEVA           Bloomberg
  • Maria TANATAR            Fastmarkets

Winner: Paul LIM, Fastmarkets


Excellence in communications programmes

  • POSCO                                                                                 
    • #SteelSaveEarth
  • Nippon Steel Corporation                                              
    • Promoting the sustainability of steel to every generation
  • Tata Steel Limited                                                        
    • #WeAlsoMakeTomorrow
  • Ternium
    • Acero para Hacer (Steel to Make)

Winner: Tata Steel Limited, #WeAlsoMAkeTomorrow


The selection process for the shortlist varies between awards. In most cases the submissions are requested via the appropriate worldsteel committee. Entries are then judged by selected expert panels.