General Assemblies

One major benefit of membership of worldsteel is the opportunity to meet other industry professionals from around the world.

Every October, worldsteel hosts a General Assembly for its members to meet. The Executive Committee and Board meetings are held at the same time. The General Assembly includes a series of presentations, panel and discussion sessions. Members may download the papers from the member-only extranet following the event.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the main governance meetings will be held online in October.

Conference Venue Year
General Assembly 2019 Monterrey, Mexico 2019
General Assembly 2018 Tokyo, Japan 2018
General Assembly 2017 Brussels, Belgium 2017
worldsteel-50 Dubai, UAE 2016
worldsteel-49 Chicago, USA 2015
worldsteel-48 Moscow, Russian Federation 2014
worldsteel-47 São Paulo, Brazil 2013
worldsteel-46 New Delhi, India 2012
worldsteel-45 Paris, France 2011
worldsteel-44 Tokyo, Japan 2010
worldsteel-43 Beijing, China 2009
IISI-42 Washington DC, USA 2008
IISI-41 Berlin, Germany 2007
IISI-40 Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006
IISI-39 Seoul, South Korea 2005
IISI-38 Istanbul, Turkey 2004
IISI-37 Chicago, USA 2003
IISI-36 Rome, Italy 2002
IISI-35 Seoul, South Korea (cancelled) 2001
IISI-34 Melbourne, Australia 2000
IISI-33 Mexico City, Mexico 1999
IISI-32 Taipei, Taiwan, China 1998
IISI-31 Vienna, Austria 1997
IISI-30 Helsinki, Finland 1996
IISI-29 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1995
IISI-28 Colorado Springs, USA 1994
IISI-27 Paris, France 1993
IISI-26 Tokyo, Japan 1992
IISI-25 Montreal, Canada 1991
IISI-24 Sydney, Australia 1990
IISI-23 Berlin, Germany 1989
IISI-22 Seoul, South Korea 1988
IISI-21 Washington DC, USA 1987
IISI-20 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1986
IISI-19 London, UK 1985
IISI-18 Chicago, USA 1984
IISI-17 Vienna, Austria 1983
IISI-16 Tokyo, Japan 1982
IISI-15 Toronto, Canada 1981
IISI-14 Madrid, Spain 1980
IISI-13 Sydney, Australia 1979
IISI-12 Colorado Springs, USA 1978
IISI-11 Rome, Italy 1977
IISI-10 Osaka, Japan 1976
IISI-9 Mexico City, Mexico 1975
IISI-8 Munich, Germany 1974
IISI-7 Johannesburg, South Africa 1973
IISI-6 London, UK 1972
IISI-5 Toronto, Canada 1971
IISI-4 Paris, France 1970
IISI-3 Tokyo, Japan 1969
IISI-2 Los Angeles, USA 1968
IISI-1 Brussels, Belgium 1967