Blog: Members supporting each other towards a zero-harm steel industry

Members supporting each other towards a zero-harm steel industry

Members supporting each other towards a zero-harm steel industry

Andrew Purvis, worldsteel Director, Safety, Health and Environment

24 October 2017

Our member’s participation in worldsteel’s activities always represents a considered tradeoff between collaboration for the betterment of our industry and the maintenance of any company’s own competitive position.  Our members collaborate on key cross industry issues, but also compete in a global market for steel and steel products. 

We work hard to ensure that all our members can feel comfortable in attending worldsteel meetings and participating in leadership and committee work without compromising their own competitive positions or breaching even the strictest antitrust principles.

This is normal in any healthy industry association, and it impacts the work we do across all our work programmes. However, one of our work areas is a bit different – our Safety and Health Committee.

All our members agree that nothing is more important to them than the safety and health of the people who work in the steel industry, and are committed to reaching our goal of an accident-free workplace. worldsteel has a long-established tradition of open and honest disclosure among our members on Safety and Health related issues.

We facilitate rapid exchange of information when incidents occur, to prevent reoccurrence elsewhere in our industry, but an equally important part of this process is sharing what we do well. Since 2009 worldsteel has been recognising member companies that are actively working to improve safety and health. Each steel producing member is invited to submit its best practices and we make all submissions available to all of our members to support implementing leading practices and preventing harm.

At our Board of Directors meeting earlier this month worldsteel recognised four organisations for their ongoing commitment to safety and health.

Specifically, these are:

  • Hadeed, Saudi Arabia, for their success in implementing Process Safety Management
  • Liberty Onesteel Australia (former Arrium) for their ‘Goal zero: Every Body, Every Day’ safety engagement programme
  • Tata Steel Thailand for their approach to Contractor Safety Management
  • Usiminas, Brazil for their Safe Hands Project

Full details of all these initiatives are available in our latest Safety and Health Recognition Programme 2017 publication, and almost 300 others are available to worldsteel’s members to support them on their journey to zero harm and to achieve even better performance in the future. This year we also updated our Safety and Health Principles and Definitions booklet

I wish to personally congratulate and thank the leaders of the four recognised organisations for their ongoing commitment to, and achievements in safety and health management in 2016, and also for their willingness to share and support their peers. Through your support of this process the whole industry can move forward in safety and good health.

Goal zero: Every Body, Every Day’ safety engagement programme: Liberty Onesteel Australia (former Arrium)

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