Blog: Steel and renewables

Steel and renewables

Steel and renewables

Nicholas Walters, worldsteel Director, Communications and Public Policy

8 November 2017

#lovesteel is an ever-expanding library of social media content that showcases the steel industry as an indispensable part of modern life. The transition to a more sustainable future energy mix will be crucial in modernising how we power our homes, offices, hospitals, schools and transport networks in the coming decades and what #lovesteel demonstrates is how steel will be the key material making this possible. As such I believe this has been by far the most surprising and instructive #lovesteel campaign so far.

The premise to all the materials that we have produced is the headline statement that by 2030 the world must reduce its CO2 emissions by 12-14 gigatonnes if it is to meet the target of keeping temperature rises below 2 degrees centigrade.  The Steel and Renewables campaign materials cover geothermal, tidal, solar and wind. Did you know for example that 140 tonnes of steel are required for the average wind turbine, or that the world’s biggest solar project by capacity is the 1,500 MW site in the Tengger Desert Solar Park in China?

In solar energy steel is critical not only for the steel framing for the solar panels but also for the transformers and power transmission infrastructure. In tidal power, steel sits at the core of the tidal installations forming the turbine blades, the piles that support the turbines, the casings for the nacelles that house the generator components and the support structures for the power plant foundations. The ground source heat pumps used in geothermal energy production are made out of steel.

The campaign will run for the next three months and will be available to see on this website. We will also regularly promote it through our social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Please share, comment and post on how our industry is helping drive renewable energy forward.

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