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Training the future of the industry

Training the future of the industry

John Ferriola, Chairman, worldsteel and Chairman, CEO, President, Nucor Corporation

9 February 2017

This week I was in Berlin to participate in steelManagement, World Steel Association’s course on steel business strategy. Over thirty of the industry’s finest young executives from 14 companies participated.

If the talent of people is an indicator of the health of an industry, then I came away with a very positive feeling. The second thing I noted is how important events like this are. Continuous training and development of people are key to the future success of steel companies and the industry as a whole. Here in Berlin I watched people from all over the world sharing ideas and experiences in a very open and obviously beneficial way.

The course is customised to meet the development needs of high potential candidates in the global steel industry. Strategic decisions on issues like investing in a new technology, partnering with another company, buying or selling assets, product mix, communicating change and strategy to internal and external audiences, or investing in the development of the workforce were intensely discussed. The week is case study based, which this year happens to be one provided by my company, Nucor. The case study is supplemented by industry and academic lectures.

As with last year, I was again impressed with the quality of the case study solutions. When I return home I have some new ideas to think about. I take away value from my participation in steelManagement, and based on my discussions with the participants, I think they too will return to their companies with new knowledge and thoughts on how to work even better.

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    Yes. Training, development and execution are the only ways through which Steel Organisations can find newer paths to follow and leverage their business in a scenario where there is a perennial pressure on margins.

    avatarAnanda BhattacharjeeFeb 11, 2017 7:22:34 PMReply

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    I would like to thank Mr. John Ferriola for his discussion on how to manage people and company. It is so interesting and exciting to talk about what is the most important thing for managers. I would like to thank the World Steel Association for a well-organized conference and all participants for their good teamwork.

    avatarSergei BabiiFeb 28, 2017 6:36:39 PMReply

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    I would like to thank you for this post. Steel Management training, education course for the industry. Steel management is the different aspects of running a steel company in a global market.

    avatarMyrobostationSep 12, 2017 2:22:04 PMReply

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