POSCO Commercializes High Manganese Steel Production Technology Based on Molten FeMn Alloy for First Time in the World

13 April 2017 

OSCO Technical Research Laboratories completed a commercial production test of "high manganese steel using molten manganese alloy" and finally transferred the equipment and operations to the Plate Rolling Department of Gwangyang Works. The steelmaker succeeded in commercializing it and opened up a new era of high manganese steel production technology by investing a total of 55 billion won in R&D over four years that began in 2013.        

The high-manganese production process developed by POSCO is characterized by the use of PosLM (POSCO Liquid Manganese), a special hot-air furnace facility capable of storing molten manganese iron.

For the full press release, go to posco.com.


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