NLMK Group to employ new technology to boost quality and reduce cost of coke production

13 June 2018 

NLMK Group, a global steel company, is designing equipment to implement stamp charging process at Altai-Koks. This will boost coke quality and reduce the cost of its production through use of more cost-efficient grades of coking coals.

Stamping technology is under implementation at Coke Plant No. 5, which launched in 2006 with a design capacity of 1.1 mtpa, and covers 25% of all Altai-Koks production needs. The scope of the project includes an overhaul of the plant, construction of a storage bunker equipped with stamping machines, and installation of conveyors and machines for loading stamped charge into the oven.

Instead of the conventional top charging method, stamped charging involves feeding already compacted coal briquettes into the oven horizontally. This ensures a better quality of coke and a reduction in the share of expensive grades of coal, as stamped coke particles bake better, boosting the CSR and increasing resistance to mechanical stress during transportation and loading into the blast furnace.

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