Tata Steel launches India's First Branded LD Slag Product

18 January 2018 

Tata Steel has launched two new products, Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman, India’s first branded LD slag products for applications in road, fly ash brick and clinker making. The introduction of the two new branded products is part of Tata Steel’s journey of excellence.  

The brands, Tata Aggreto and Tata Nirman, were unveiled by Mr Anand Sen, President TQM & Steel Business, Tata Steel, at the IBMD’s (Industrial By-Products Management Division) Customer Meet that was held here on Tuesday. Tata Steel produces a wide range of Industrial By-Products which serve as key raw materials for various industries. The steel behemoth also has pioneered value creation out of by-products as part of its quest to contribute to a sustainable ecosystem.

For further details, go to tatasteel.com.

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