160,000Tons of HBIS Steel Building A Major Hydropower Project on Jinsha River

29 June 2020 

Wu Dongde Hydro Power plant launched its first generators, a brand new 10 million KW class hydro power plant of the country, in which HBIS delivered over 160,000tons of premium steel,enhancing the domestication of hydro power equipment steel.     

Dong Wude power plant owns a capacity of 10.2million KWs and it will the fourth in China and 7th largest hydro power plant in the world. In the early stage of the project, the contractor, Three Gorges Dam Group carried out thorough studies together with project designers, equipment manufacturers and Chinese Iron & Steel Association experts. The team adopted 780Mpa class high strength steel, back then, the world’s highest strength hydro power steel in actual project applications. 

For the full press release, go to hbisco.com.

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