#lovesteel campaign

#lovesteel is a global campaign initiated by worldsteel and its members for the steel industry. It showcases the steel industry as an indispensable part of modern life thanks to which we are able to enjoy our current historically high standards of living.

Steel is one of the most common materials in the world. We rely on it for our housing, transport, food and water supply, energy production, tools and healthcare. Nearly everything around us is either made of steel or manufactured by equipment made of steel.

Steel is inextricably linked with economic growth and prosperity. Developing societies require steel to build new roads, railway lines, buildings and bridges. They also need it to lay new pipelines for gas, water and sanitation and to build new factories and machinery.

Once basic infrastructure needs are met, the demand for consumer goods such as washing machines and refrigerators increases, as does the need for mobility via trains, buses and automobiles – all of which require steel for their production and related infrastructure (stations and fueling).

Steel is also essential to the sustainable circular economy of the future, one in which society reduces the burden on nature by ensuring resources remain in use for as long as possible. As a permanent material which can be recycled over and over again without losing its properties, steel is fundamental to the new economic models of the twenty-first century and beyond.