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Steel solutions in the green economy: Affordable social housing

PDF download | 2014 | EN, CN

The World Steel Association (worldsteel) has published the third booklet in the Steel Solutions in the Green Economy series titled Affordable social housing.

This booklet illustrates the economic, environmental and social benefits of steel modular houses. Steel is lightweight compared to many other building materials used for the same purpose and thus requires less material and less transportation. Steel’s long lifespan and flexibility to create adaptable spaces also provides a cost advantage. As steel building components can be cut to precise specifications or prefabricated off-site, on-site waste is minimised and any steel scrap generated can be 100% recycled. The houses offer a quality and affordable solution to deprived families in need of shelter. 

Click on the link above to download a PDF of the publication or click on 'Add to basket' to order a free print copy.


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