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Production data for the current and previous year is available to download in excel format through our Steel Data Viewer.

You can also subscribe to receive more detailed worldsteel monthly statistics, including iron production data, by e-mail. Further informaton on our subscription services are available from this page.

In January, worldsteel announces the annual production figure for the previous year in a press release. This data may be adjusted over the course of the year.

In May/June, worldsteel issues its annual publication titled 'World Steel in Figures' with updated production data.

In November/December, the data may again be subject to revision when the Steel Statistical Yearbook is issued.

To understand why the figure is subject to variation, please read the related answer in this FAQ. worldsteel recommends that the most recent figure be used for any calculations and communications.

worldsteel collects and reports figures provided by direct sources. Occasionally, the reported figures are not yet final figures, or there is a delay in reporting. As worldsteel publishes monthly data on the 25th of each month, some of these figures may be unverified. Estimated figures are updated in the following month. If no updated figure is provided, the estimated figure remains until a new figure is provided.

Data from 64 countries are shown in the monthly statistics tables available via the Steel Data Viewer. The 64 reporting countries included in that table accounted for approximately 99% of total world crude steel production.

The annual world table includes countries that do not report on a monthly basis, and estimates for countries which do not report crude steel production data.

The Steel Statistical Yearbook shows the annual crude steel production data for the last 10 years. The figures in the yearbook are updated to include the latest available data from the reporting institutions at the time of publication.

As the yearbook usually appears in November/December, the annual crude steel production figure for the latest year will be different from the figure that is published in the worldsteel annual press release of January and/or in the World Steel in Figures.

The World Steel in Figures is a preliminary set of data usually published in May/June. The updated figures will appear in Steel Statistical Yearbook in November/December.

Annual and year-to-date totals may include revised data not available on a monthly basis. Production data are frequently revised at source. The monthly figures may have been revised over the course of the year, so the annual figure is not a sum of the published monthly figures.

This is because we round the data in the PDF document which accompanies the press release. For example, annual data of 0.01 and 0.004 can result in 150% growth, even though annual data is shown as zero.

For antitrust reasons worldsteel no longer produces a global capacity utilisation ratio. Information on capacity can be found on the OECD website.

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