The steel industry is committed to offer employees the opportunity to further their education and develop their skills.

Not only is this a way of enhancing quality of work and productivity but it also boosts employee satisfaction.

According to our 2019 sustainability report, in 2018 the steel industry provided an average of 6.4 days of training per employee.

worldsteel provides three types of services to enhance training skills amongst the steel industry workforce:



steeluniversity is the learning and training programme of worldsteel. The programme delivers education and training to current and future employees of steel companies and related businesses.

Learning is delivered online at and in person, sharing knowledge on steel manufacturing, metallurgy, steel applications, environment, safety, and steel business.



steelTalks is a monthly lecture series on topics of interest to the global steel community. The lectures are presented in a webinar format with a guest lecturer.

steelTalks #11 will welcome Bob van Riek, CGE Risk Management Solutions and Daan Bergwerff, Bergwerff Risk Services. Click here for more details about the speakers.

The theme of their lecture will be as follows:

Process safety with bowtie: An overview of the application of the method and world leading tooling for a consistent barrier management approach.

The lecture will be held between 12.30 – 13.30 UTC  on 15 April 2020.

Summary of lecture:

Process Safety related Incidents are the number one cause of fatalities in our industry. This is the automatically the number one driver to do Process Safety well and lead the way to a fatality free future in our industry.

The bowtie method is recognized across the globe for its visual and contextual insight in the nature of risk scenarios and the controlling mechanisms that apply to these scenarios. Knowing these controls in not enough.

We are moving to an era where safety is defined by knowing whether our controls are strong and not by the absence of incidents. This enables the business to invest money in critical controls and builds the foundation for safe and sustainable operations.

This session will (re-)introduce you to the bowtie method, adding to it a discussion of various applications throughout our industry in relation to guidance and the capacity to close the barrier feedback loop.

Register via here. Registration is free for all audiences.




steelManagement is an executive education course on steel business strategy. Participants discover the different aspects of running a steel company in a global market. The course is a 4-day residential programme.

The course includes:

  • Global outlook for steel consumption
  • Working with people in a multinational and multicultural company
  • How to collaborate with colleagues
  • Market strategy and innovation
  • Decision-making
  • Communications strategy to engage your audience
  • Leadership
  • Financial options for growth
  • Steel business case study

steelManagement-22 will be held in Brussels, Belgium, from 2 to 6 February 2020. The course incurs a fee and the number of places is limited. Priority will be given to registrations from our member companies.