The global steel industry shares society’s challenges and concerns – from climate change and urbanisation, to ensuring long-term economic growth and responsible management and sourcing of resources.

We, as an industry and as individual steel companies, are being pro-active in addressing these challenges on many different fronts. This report highlights for you:

  1. The steel value chain: what we need to make steel and how society uses it
  2. Industry level challenges, commitments and actions related to: climate change, responsible sourcing and co-products
  3. Sustainability performance: continued reporting on our 8 global economic, social and environmental indicators
  4. Steel solutions: how steel is being applied in versatile and innovative ways to provide sustainable (and sometimes surprising) solutions for our everyday lives
  5. Member actions and initiatives: what our member companies are doing individually to address our global industry and societal challenges.

We do not yet have all the answers, but we are committed to engaging and collaborating with our stakeholders to find the right solutions to help meet society’s needs in a sustainable way. We welcome you to join the conversation.

Sustainability action map - Taking action makes good business sense

Steel focus - Beyond indicators

Steel life - There is always a good reason to choose steel

Steel value chain - What steel needs and what steel becomes

Sustainability indicators - Tracking our sustainability performance