worldsteel member companies who are leading the way to create a truly sustainable steel industry and society and who clearly demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development and the circular economy are recognised as Steel Sustainability Champions for one year.

The nine steel-producing companies recognised as the 2020 Steel Sustainability Champions are:

Steel Sustainability Champions from previous years


Sustainability is a core business requirement, vital to a company’s continuing license to operate. An ethically and socially responsible approach can act as a competitive advantage for forward-thinking steel companies.

worldsteel has therefore launched an industry-wide sustainability recognition programme to encourage steel companies to increase their efforts, set higher standards and make further progress.

The programme is an effective vehicle to demonstrate stronger commitment and proactive engagement of the industry to sustainable development.


Programme objectives:

  • To have a holistic picture of the sustainability effort of the industry and steel companies around the world.
  • To demonstrate stronger commitment and proactive engagement of the steel industry.
  • To go beyond participation-only recognition – looking at commitment, measurement, and actions all together.
  • To encourage steel companies to aim higher and do more in their sustainability activities.


How can a company qualify?

The criteria to become a Steel Sustainability Champion:

  1. Commitment:
    worldsteel member companies must sign up to the worldsteel sustainable development charter.
  2. Measurement:
    Companies must provide data on 6 of the worldsteel Sustainability Indicators (Material efficiency, Environmental management system, Lost time injury frequency rate, Employee training, Investment in new processes and products, Economic value distributed) and submit Life Cycle Inventory data to worldsteel’s data collection programme (data should cover more than 60% of the company’s crude steel production and should be less than 5 years old).
  3. Action
    Companies must publish a sustainability-related report and must be shortlisted in one of the 5 categories of the worldsteel Steelie Awards (Innovation of the year, Excellence in sustainability, Excellence in Life Cycle Assessment, Excellence in education and training, and Excellence in Communications programmes) or must be recognised in the Safety and Health recognition programme.



  • Steel companies must be a regular member of worldsteel.
  • Companies must fulfil all the requirements in the three criteria
  • Evaluation for eligibility will be closed at the end of December of each year
  • Eligible companies will be recognised at the April board meeting in the following year
  • Recognition is valid for one year only. Evaluation for eligibility takes place every year.


More details on this programme are available on the worldsteel extranet (members only).

Start the journey, become a Champion.