POSCO's floor plate made of high Mn steel wins the Jang Young Sil Award

22 八月 2016 

On August 17, the noise-proof floor plate (PosCozy) made of high manganese steel (Mn) Z clips for apartments developed by POSCO won the Jang Young Sil Award.

About 150 related parties attended the award ceremony held in Maekyung Media Center, including First Vice-minister Nam-ki Hong of the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. POSCO Steel Solution Marketing Department's Managing Director Duk-lak Lee and principal researcher Young-dong Yu achieved the honor of receiving the awards as representatives of the company and developers.

Unlike conventional flooring that uses non-steel materials such as Styrofoam insulators and rubber buffer materials, POSCO's floor plate made of high manganese steel is developed by combining high manganese steel (Mn) Z clips - that has 4 times higher resistance to vibration than general steel - with POSCO's hot-dip galvanized steel plate, thereby being capable of reducing noise between floors.

For the full press release, go to posco.com.

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