Metinvest published an interactive book about steel making

03 六月 2019 

Metinvest Group, the largest iron and steel maker in Ukraine, published a book The Steelmaker's Kitchen on steel making. The book was presented in May at the Art of Steel exhibition in Kyiv.

The book uses layman's terms to tell about steel making and mining. The entire process of ore mining and steel production is compared to cooking, which is familiar and can be well understood by everyone. This book is written for high schoolers and students, and for all who want to know more about the industry and production process. It has been published in English, Ukrainian and Russian. The electronic version of the book is available at:

The book uses augmented reality, with the help of the app on the smart phone or tablet, the reader can see a video about one of the stages of steel making. This is a charity edition, so the books will be distributed to libraries, schools, relevant higher and vocational schools in Ukraine and overseas.

The Art of Steel offers the video installation of the steel making process from raw materials mining to buildings and structures made of Metinvest steel. The steel making process becomes an art. At the same time, it opens up a discussion for young people on what may become their lifework.

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