2020 Member news

POSCO Pledges to Achieve Carbon Neutrality by 2050 And Lead Low Carbon Society

16 十二月 2020 

POSCO has vowed to become “Carbon Neutral” by 2050. As of recent, climate change has emerged as the greatest challenge for humanity, and POSCO’s commitment to leading carbon neutrality is an especially meaningful one. 浏览更多

Tata Steel unveils €300 million ‘Roadmap+’ plan to enhance the environment at IJmuiden plant in the Netherlands

08 十二月 2020 

The announcement of Roadmap+, which will also combat industrial odours and dust pollution at IJmuiden, coincides with the publication today of a progress report on Tata Steel’s Roadmap 2030 sustainability program. 浏览更多

China Baowu listed No.8 on Fortune’s most admired Chinese companies in 2020

18 十一月 2020 

The list of 2020 Fortune’s most admired Chinese companies was released on November 3. China Baowu ranked eighth in the All-Star list and topped the list for the fourth consecutive year in the metal industry. 浏览更多

POSCO Sets to Reduce Fine Dust With Eco-Friendly Air-Purifying Facility

18 十一月 2020 

POSCO (CEO Jeong-Woo Choi) has taken the next step towards establishing eco-friendly steelworks by operating an air purification facility that reduces nitrogen oxide emissions. 浏览更多

Tata Steel plans to develop largest CO2 capture installation in the world

17 十一月 2020 

Tata Steel has launched plans for a project to capture CO2 from its blast furnaces in IJmuiden, Netherlands, and transport it for storage in empty gas fields under the North Sea. 浏览更多

Carbon2Chem®: First project phase successfully completed and notice of funding received from federal government for second phase

29 十月 2020 

The Carbon2Chem® project initiated by thyssenkrupp is moving into its next phase. Involving 16 further partners the project, which is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), has over the past four years gathered fundamental insights into the conversion of steel mill process gases into chemical products. 浏览更多

NLMK Lipetsk cuts Н2S emissions

15 十月 2020 

NLMK Lipetsk, an NLMK Group company has launched an anhydrous cooling system for blast furnace slag as part of its environmental upgrade programme. 浏览更多

First HBIS Pilot Hydrogen Station Is In Operation

28 八月 2020 

August 28, witnessed by Provincial leaders, experts and enterprise executives, first HBIS Pilot Hydrogen Station commenced its business operation. 浏览更多

EVRAZ supports construction of a hospital for treatment of infectious diseases in Novokuznetsk

26 八月 2020 

EVRAZ allocated RUB 200 million to finance construction of a hospital for treatment of infectious diseases in Novokuznetsk and supplied steel products for the project via its trading arm, EVRAZ Metall Inprom (EMI). 浏览更多

HBIS Fine Steel Applied Widely In The Newly Completed Beijing Xiongan Intercity Railway

21 八月 2020 

The new icon of Chinese high speed railway system, Beijing-Xiongan Intercity completed its construction on August 17. In total, HBIS delivered over 100,000 tons of high quality high rise building steel, bars and wires. 浏览更多

POSCO Succeeds in Mass Producing Eco-friendly Graphite Free Cutting Steel

20 八月 2020 

POSCO’s PosGRAM is expected to enhance the national industrial competitiveness, as it is to replace lead free cutting steel, which was entirely reliant on imports. 浏览更多

Tata Steel launches FerroHaat™ App for sourcing steel scrap

19 八月 2020 

Steel Recycling Business, a division of Tata Steel, has launched FerroHaat™, a first-of-its-kind mobile application (App) in the world, to source steel scrap from the traders. 浏览更多

HBIS Launching World’s First Pilot Low Emission Pelletizing Project

10 八月 2020 

The Low Pelletizing Mult-Pollutant Emission Technology and Pilot Project in the 13rd National Plan has been launched by HBIS. 浏览更多

NLMK DanSteel supplies steel heavy plates for next-generation floating offshore wind farm

04 八月 2020 

NLMK DanSteel, NLMK Group’s plant in Denmark, has supplied its heavy plate for the Wind Float Atlantic project. 浏览更多

Italy Inaugurates bridge made of Metinvest steel

04 八月 2020 

On 3 August, a new bridge was opened in Genoa, Italy, in place of the one that tragically collapsed two years ago. Metinvest supplied 18.5 thousand tonnes of high-strength steel for it, the majority of the total used. 浏览更多

Severstal commits to cutting its carbon emissions by 3% by 2023

30 七月 2020 

Severstal commits to cutting its carbon emissions by 3% by 2023 and almost doubles its target for reducing total atmospheric emissions. 浏览更多

Severstal commits to cutting its carbon emissions by 3% by 2023 and almost doubles its target for reducing total atmospheric emissions

30 七月 2020 

PAO Severstal ("Severstal"; "the Company"), today announces a public target to cut its greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 3% over the next three years compared with 2020. 浏览更多

JFE Steel Launches Center for In-house Digital-transformation Initiatives

20 七月 2020 

JFE Steel Corporation announces today the opening of its JFE Digital Transformation Center (JDXC™) as a hub for company-wide digital-transformation (DX) initiatives. 浏览更多

JFE Steel: Nine companies have started “Ship Carbon Recycling WG”

16 七月 2020 

Japanese nine companies have started the Ship Carbon Recycling Working Group formed within Japan’s Carbon Capture & Reuse (CCR) Study Group. 浏览更多

POSCO 1% Foundation Launches New Project to Put Disabled Artists on the Map

03 七月 2020 

POSCO 1% Foundation (Chairman Jeong-Woo Choi) launched a new project called ‘CollaboArtion = Collaboration+Art’. It is expected to attract the public’s attention for disabled artists. 浏览更多

thyssenkrupp’s water electrolysis technology qualified as primary control reserve

30 六月 2020 

E.ON and thyssenkrupp bring hydrogen production to the electricity market. 浏览更多

NLMK Russia Long companies awarded Environmental Product Declaration certificates

25 六月 2020 

NLMK Ural and NLMK Kaluga, part of NLMK Russia Long Products Division, have been awarded Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certificates for rebar. EPD certification will boost the competitiveness of NLMK products in Russian and international markets. 浏览更多

Severstal uses Artificial Intelligence to further boost productivity at Cherepovets Steel Mill

25 六月 2020 

A team of specialists from Severstal Digital, part of PAO Severstal, one of the world’s largest steel and steel-related mining businesses, working with experts in flat rolled products from the Cherepovets Steel Mill have successfully increased the productivity of a machine learning model. 浏览更多

POSCO Uses Steel Slag to Create a Sea Forest and Save the Marine Ecosystem

03 六月 2020 

On May 28, POSCO launched a sea forest cultivation program in Ulleung Island to mark the National Ocean Day (May 31). 浏览更多

EVRAZ launches global vanadium R&D initiative

14 五月 2020 

EVRAZ Vanadium has established a new Research and Development Center located in Group subsidiary East Metals AG, Zug, Switzerland. The main objective is to support sustainable and diversified usage of vanadium as an alloying element in current and future steel products. 浏览更多

Severstal invests in new long-range wire mill at CherMK long-range rolling mill

20 二月 2020 

PAO Severstal, one of the world’s leading vertically integrated steel and steel-related mining companies, announces the construction of long-range wire mill 170 in the long-rolling production segment 浏览更多

NLMK pilots automated production planning system

30 一月 2020 

NLMK Lipetsk, the flagship site of NLMK Group, has embarked on piloting an automated production scheduling system. The system is integrated into business processes at all stages of production and sales planning. 浏览更多